Abode is more than just a housing complex – it's a young residential community, and any good community comes with amenities for the locals.

INTERNET SPEED: 250 Mbps. Enjoy!


Abode Security

24/7 Security

We've got it covered.

With 24/7 security, on guard security personnel and state of the art equipment like CCTVs and Access Card Entry Systems, you are absolutely safe and secure within the residence.  

Abode Housekeeping



Our in-house staff is professional and efficient, cleaning the common spaces on a daily basis and the personal living quarters twice a week. Because we care, we use eco-friendly products and actively promote minimal usage of plastic. 

Abode Concierge


Keepin it classy

Our on-site concierge will help you with anything and everything from receiving your parcels, to collecting your post and keeping you updated on city events. 

Abode Breakfast


Sharing is caring

A family that eats together stays together! We have established a fully equipped kitchen with Veg and Non-Veg stations for round the clock use. Your hunger pangs and midnight snacks are looked after


Study Lounges


Our endearing name for the study space, it provides a perfect atmosphere to get you in the mood for some hardcore concentration and creativity. Be it a group project, a full score or a dazzling ppt for your boss, greatness can certainly be achieved in the Dungeon.

Abode Laundry


Gotta wash 'em all

We know how dreadful doing your own laundry is. And for that we have provided our laundry room with modern domestic devices like washing machines, dryers and ironing tables, making it a much much easier task! Unless you mix the whites with the colours.



Sweet Ride 

And having it is no hassle as we provide parking for all modes of transportation. However, due to limited car-parks, you are requested please book as early as possible.

Gaming Area

Get your controller along

We are equipped with a highly dedicated gaming area consisting of a TT table, foosball table and a playstation 4. Let the league-battles begin! 

Please abide by the laws of Enjoy responsibly.