“It is too good to be true” were my first thoughts when I heard about Abode.

I moved back to Bangalore in July to take up a new job offer (After all it all starts with a job). I was thrilled to move back to the city I called my second home, but for a single woman, it is also quite a nightmare to find accommodation. With no old roommates to back upon, I contacted brokers and PG owners, however, nothing materialized. To settle for a substandard PG or an unfurnished apartment, was out of question.

While browsing through the many house rent groups on social media I stumbled upon a post on Abode and its vivid facilities and features. Immediately, I called up Dev (I mean Devashish, the landie) to have that ‘first discussion’ and Dev, like a true marketing guy, walked me through Abode. However, skeptic as I was, I refused to believe him completely. He guided me to their website to prove his point (the pictures are amazing) but I kept thinking it was some sort of a marketing gimmick. After some 20 more calls to Dev (He was super patient to address everything) to discuss my apprehensions and two Abode tours taken by my friends I finally decided to move in. On my first visit to Abode, it surpassed all my expectations (no pun intended); the place was fully furnished with great facilities. My flat mate and I instantly clicked and here I am today, a member of this vibrant young community and it feels like home. I am one of the first residents of Abode Nestor and I feel a certain sense of pride at having “discovered” this gem.

It’s been 5 months since I moved in to flat no. 208 and almost every day (okay, not every day but often) I say to myself that I couldn’t have found a better place to start my life again in Bangalore. You are never alone here, nobody is. The people here, the vibe you get from people, always lets you feel you are looked after. Simple everyday things are just taken care of as they always do back home.

I walked in here with just a bag of clothes and I know when I leave, I would take with me memories, lifelong friends (fingers crossed :p) and some of the best experiences of my life.  

It’s indeed home away home, oops sorry, for me It’s Abode away from home.


The grateful resident

Kanika Chawla, Flat 208

P.S. It is good and it is true

Take Care!