I. Before you enter this holy territory of Abode, make sure your pockets don’t possess any drugs. Chances are, we might confiscate them.

II. Cleanliness is next to common sense. Slam-dunk the litter till it falls right inside the bin. Who knows you might just become the next Michael Jordan.

III. There are usually no ghosts in this building unless you happen to not return what you borrowed from the co-living zones. In which case, you’ll have to prepare to get haunted.

IV. Talking of co-living zones, leave them like you had found them - clean and ready for the next Abode Insider.

V. A family that eats (talks, inspires and grows) together, stays together. That’s what we aim for with this community living set up. So let’s co-create and co-live.

VI. FUR is our favourite ‘F’ word after, well, Friends. (what were you thinking?) Anyway, we love four-legged fur balls. So feel free to bring yours Abode :)

VII. Never miss an event hosted by Abode Insiders. Not that we’ll miss you (maybe we will). But more so because seeing kickass pictures up on our page the next day might kill you a little inside. FOMO, you see.

VIII. Breaking bed is certainly not our favourite thing to see. So just make sure you maintain the furniture of your room well, even if you are using it for purposes it hasn’t been made for ;)

IX. Any conversations related to Deepika Padukone need to be positive. If you don’t like her, don’t be vocal about it. We’re serious.

X. Lastly, make sure you make friends, memories and some bad decisions while you’re here. After all, YOLO, right?


Welcome Abode :)